Mark Robinette, our founding elder and vocational pastor, started the church in 2000. He and his his wife Andrea, have seven children. Mark has been in the ministry for 23 years and was ordained in 2011 by the brethren of our denomination. Pastor Robinette fills the pulpit most Sundays, teaches regular Bible studies and works as the day to day pastor of the church.

img_8279_medAndy Keusal, our second elder, is also the church treasurer and has served in that capacity since 2010. He and his wife Andrea, have nine children and have been a great blessing to the people of Foundation Church and an answer to prayer. Elder Keusal was also ordained in May of 2011 when we joined our denomination and joyfully fills the Sunday Pulpit from time to time, always administers the sacraments, and teaches a midweek Bible study.

Head Deacon:
Luke Downey

Tim Hatfield

Heath Goldsmith