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Serving the Church & Community as a Family

In this Highlands Ministries podcast, listen as Pastor Mark Robinette & his wife Andrea joined Steve & Kara Murphy to discuss the topic of serving the church & community as a family.

Why do we think that sickness is preventing us from living out God’s best plans for us? How do you deal with loss of control over things you used to be able to manage? The Murphys welcome special guests Mark & Andrea Robinette once again as they discuss how to deal with all the difficulties of illness when it is mom that is sick.

Kara and Andrea talk about what to do when your health keeps you from doing all the things you desire to do? How do they care for their families and various responsibilities while struggling with illness? How do you cope and function as a family when not everyone is well? How do you deal with anger and frustration at not being able to do all the mom things that seem necessary? Steve and Mark share some of the difficulties for husbands when their wives are sick for long periods of time. Are there unexpected opportunities or particular difficulties for our kids when mom is sick?

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This entry was posted on November 09, 2016.